Live performance of "Wherever You Are" by the Josh Stewart Band. Video Credit: Backpack Inc.
Had the pleasure of filming The Josh Stewart Band at River Days 2016. This montage is a few of the dozen or so songs the band performed live and is made available for yours and their enjoyment and sharing with family and friends. The project was filmed with Canon Pro video and DSLR cameras and lenses in 1920x1080 @ 30p with editing and export in FCPX. Support hardware included Manfrotto 501V heads, Manfrotto FigRig, and Manfrotto Monopod. "The Josh Stewart Band" Josh Stewart, Vocals & Guitar Danielle Ocheltree, Vocals Orville McClaskey, Lead Guitar Tyler Payne, Rhythm Guitar Denver Triggs, Bass Guitar Mark Smith, Keyboard Daniel Gray, Percussion Steve Free, Guest Vocalist Wyatt Bates, Guest Percussionist "Songs" - Heartache, Evil Woman, and Summertime (in that order)
Filmed at River Days in Portsmouth, Ohio on September 1, 2016. The Josh Stewart Band performs their original song, "Heartache" to a packed audience! Credit: Backpack Inc.